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What is Ormus?

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Ormus is essentially around eighty or so elements and minerals extracted from seawater or sea salts. Our Ormus is extracted from the Southern Ocean water off of the coast of Albany, Western Australia and carefully blended with Ormus extracted from Dead Sea salts of which contain 12 minerals of it's 21 not present in any other sea salts. We provide the most reasonably priced Ormus anywhere!

southern ocean

Ormus contains all of the minerals and elements that are sadly lacking in modern dietary intake in a natural and balanced form. However, it is not just a supplement to your diet! Ormus contains a newly discovered elemental matter (some say rediscovered) called M-state elements, or Monatomic elements by physicists. These M-state elements exhibit extraordinary properties and increase your cellular communication by around 1000 times due to their superconductive properties! It truly is an elixir for the body, mind and spirit.

The human body is run by electrical and chemical processes. Imagine your body is running on copper wire and you replace it with super efficient optical fibres. This is the effect of Ormus!

The word Ormus comes from the acronym ORMEs, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. it is also referred to as white gold, white powder gold, ormus water and ormus gold. The interest by physicists and scientists in M-state elements can be summarised by the following:

Rhodium, Iridium and gold are present in Ormus in a non-metallic state.
M-state elements are not bound to any other atoms, making it unique.
Ormus is present in all things in varying quantities, aloe vera is a very rich natural source.
Ormus appears to repair damaged DNA.

What Effect Will Ormus Have On Me?

The most common effects experienced by Ormus users are:
Enhanced clarity of thought.
Deep and restful regulated sleeping patterns.
A general feeling of wellbeing and vitality.
An increase in energy.

Ormus will also strengthen and regulate your thymus gland and exhibits strong antioxidant properties. Rhodium is an important element in most alternative cancer treatments.

Most Ormus users experience beneficial effects within 1-2 days, although we have one client who reported an immediate effect! Ormus is entirely natural and non-harmful. Ormus has been successfuly used in the treatment of many diseases.See here for more information on Ormus and Disease. We recommend a maximum dosage of 5ml (1 capfull) morning and night and a bottle (750ml) will last you 75 days.

Garden Genie-Ormus in Agriculture (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Returning SOON!)

Garden Genie

Our agricultural Ormus product, Garden Genie Ormus, is very beneficial to all types of plants, vegetables, fruit trees and natives and will increase dramatically the health and yield of your garden. Unlike regular fertilisers, Garden Genie needs only to be applied once or twice a year on annuals and pre or post vegetable planting and again just before the fruiting cycle for maximum benefit. Garden Genie Ormus allows your plants to fully utilise the available nutrients and maximizing your yields. Apply at the rate of 1%-2% by volume with fresh water to pre dampened soil. This is a ONCE ONLY application at planting, an optional second application can be applied at fruiting or flowering for added yield.

Plants and soil will benefit from:

Cellular respiration is increased
Phototropism is increased
Increases photosynthesis
Increases carbohydrate content of sap
Increases soil micro flora
Increases nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil
Increases phosphorous leaching fungi
Improves soil tilth and aeration
More resistant to insects and disease
Has saved diseased orchards
Less need for pesticides
More drought tolerant
More transplant tolerant
Fruit is larger and better tasting
Produce lasts longer on the shelf
Mineral and vitamin content increased
Plants produce sooner
Crop yields are increased
Application is easy
Application is inexpensive
More resistant to freezing

sunflowers! (Click to view fullsize)

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